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An application to put an end to the galley of coupons !

A Strasbourg and a Nancéen embark on the huge market of vouchers with Shoppin’Hood, an application able to really repay consumers. They call the first users to participate in its financing. »

The coupons, it’s nice, but it’s galley. You have to cut them out, keep them carefully, send them back with the correct receipt … In short, it is a logistics out of reach for many consumers. For all those who want 0.70 € discount on their next purchase of pasta but not spend an hour to collect them, a Strasbourg partnered with a NancОen to create Shoppin’Hood, an allusion to the English name of Robin des wood (Robin Hood). This application collects coupons and cash pays!

How does it work?

The user scans or takes pictures of his coupons with his phone, he does the same with his receipts and here, finished, it is refunded a variable part of the amount of these same vouchers. This share depends on the fill rate of his user profile. If he answers all the questions about whether he has children, animals, whether he owns or has a car, a garden, special passions, etc., he receives all money posted on the vouchers. If he fills only 50%, he receives only half. The user may also choose to donate these amounts to charities.

Olivier Luet is the co-founder of the company and the marketing manager (Photo PF / Rue89 Strasbourg /cc)

Olivier Luet is the marketing manager and co-founder, with FrОdОric Dressler, of this application. He details its principle:

“Each year, brands issue € 5.5 billion worth of coupons. They only pay 350 million. This rate of return, around 6%, is a finding of failure for this system. We are going to put an end to it by proposing on the one hand the brands to be much more effective in their campaigns and the users to benefit much more easily and systematically of these reductions. “

The hell of coupons, Shoppin’Hood proposes to end it but it’s not free (Photo Visual Hunt)

Obviously, if the service will be “free” for the users, it is that they are the products, in any case the targets. Shoppin’Hood intends to remunerate itself with partnerships created directly with brands and distributors, but above all, to build an extensive database of consumers. Data that is worth gold, while online advertising still struggles to properly target users and conventional advertising misses its target nine times out of ten.

For Olivier Luet, this database will be able to evolve the customer relationship: “People will receive promotions but they are interested … If we do not have a garden, there is no point in receiving promotions for shelters or lawn mowers, even if we do not like to tinker, we do not What to do new drills. The communication of brands is still very linear, “top down” (from one transmitter to a multitude, ed). We will bring the brands into the conversation era, they will address the right people and they will have a return. “

Shoppin’Hood intends to launch without asking the authorization of brands that issue coupons, in order to prove the relevance of its service. Olivier Luet acknowledges that this is the main risk for the company, which will need a lot of funds to reimburse users, with no guarantee that the brands concerned will agree to pay later.

But he is confident : “It will take us a year, maybe two, but when we see the calamitous state of the coupon market, we think it’s time for an effective and win-win solution for all parties. We will “disrupt” this market. “

A model of the application is in test. The launch is scheduled for early 2018 (Photo PF / Rue89 Strasbourg / cc)

A market certainly purring, but for the moment held very firmly by a handful of very important actors … The battle will be tough. To launch in the best conditions, the two cofounders appeal to consumers to finance the application by becoming a shareholder with shares of 50 €.

Shoppin ‘Hood could be available in early 2018. The two entrepreneurs are hoping for € 100,000 and promise a return of 5% a year and the possibility of going out in two years.