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Article de l’Est Républicain du 2 octobre 2017

Each year, nearly € 5 billion in vouchers are put into circulation. And only 6% are used, “says Frédéric Dressler the creator of an app that offers nothing more or less to its users to convert these pieces of paper into money.

“No wonder: you have to bring the voucher back with the receipt and the cashier makes a credit to the next purchase. And behind, a company centralizes the good, makes the link with brands and supermarkets … It’s heavy. As a result, a voucher costs € 0.20 whether used or not.

However, they can boost sales by 10% on average.FrОdОric Dressler promises to turn them into hard cash thanks to Shoppin’Hood, the app he designed with Olivier Luet. “Once at home, we photograph the voucher, then the receipt and we choose to credit his bank account or donate to an association …

This is a world first. App around coupons that exist are binding: they are limited to a number of brands, they require to buy the same product ….

Shoppin’Hood is universal. If the name of the app refers to Robin Hood who stole from the rich to redistribute to the poor, it is because he intends to start his business with or without the agreement of the brands: “We do a hold-up on discount coupons, “comments this entrepreneur who is betting a bit crazy about their future membership.”

I propose to them to half the cost of processing coupons, I allow them to convey a positive image since they are indirectly the cause of donations to associations, but especially I bring consumer data.” Until they play the game, Shoppin’Hood will advance the money. This is what his business plan provides.

Still, it is necessary to raise funds. There is no app for this yet?


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