frederic dressler, co-fondateur de fredoline. projet shoppin'hood

Frédéric is a marketing and international business professional. He has a professional experience of more than 25 years (including 17 years in Germany) which has been forged in large industrial groups (Export Manager for Toshiba for example).

Depositary of several patents in fields as varied as advertising, the automotive industry and industrial infrared. “In France we have no oil but we have ideas” said a famous advertisement …: What about turning our ideas into oil?

Olivier Luet co-fondateur Fredoline, projet Shoppin'hoodOlivier has been a digital marketing and eCommerce professional for over 15 years in b2b and b2c. He has participated in the development of digital strategies of large companies such as Plastic Omnium Environment, press groups such as Le Point, Vivialys, and advises start-ups.

He is also a blogger since 2005 and President of the Internet Business Club.